The Film A Better Life

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Within the film A Better Life there are many examples of situations that are seen as subjects which many people do not openly talk about. Circumstances such as illegal immigration and how people who do chose to enter the United States through backdoor channels can actually be a benefit to society and raise productive members of society. Furthermore, the movie depicts an illegal, Carlos Galindo and his struggles of maintaining a job, being a single parent, and at the same time evading detection from United States immigration officers. This struggle of trying to provide for his son Luis and make sure he maintains the correct direction which he is following to be a successful member of society is plagued by Luis’s friend, Facundo and his girlfriend, Ruthie Valdez. Both of Luis’s friends are on the track of being stuck inside of a Hispanic gang. This rips Luis in half due to his proper upbringing by his father Carlos. This paper will document multiple occurrences from the film and analyze the cultural significance for each event. Originally, Carlos and his wife immigrated illegally to the United States just before Luis was born with the intent to establish “a better life”. This was followed by the struggles that all illegals face, which resulted in a difficult life. Carlos’s inability to provide an extravagant lifestyle to his wife caused her to leave him to care for Luis himself. From our lectures we learned this type of behavior from a Mexican woman is not typical

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