The Film A Few Good Men

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The film A Few Good Men is filled with characters each with a different ethical perspective. Their views of right and wrong, their moral values, and their beliefs, all differ from one another. Colonel Jessup, Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway, Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson, and Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee each have a different personal ethical perspective. Each of these character’s concept of right and wrong is displayed in the film and their moral values are brought to surface. Colonel Jessup believes strongly in Marine code, and he will do anything to improve his unit as a whole, even if that means ordering a “code red”. There are no standards of right and wrong in his perspective, as long as the consequence keeps the marines in line, he feels his job is being done as their commander. Jessup uses a systemic approach to keep everything running smoothly in Cuba. When he reads Santiago’s letter recommending to be transferred out of the unit in return for giving information about an illegal shot fired across the wall, he feels that the greatest good will come from a consequences for his actions rather than a transfer off the unit. When it is recommended that Santiago be transferred, he sarcastically stated that they should transfer the whole unit off the wall and surrender. Here, Jessup is not solely viewing the situation with Santiago’s letter, but rather contemplating how to improve the situation for the greatest good of the unit. Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway
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