The Film American Graffiti ( Dir. Lucas

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This essay is going to look into how the film American Graffiti (dir. Lucas, 1973), depicts a teen experience. In order to understand how American Graffiti depicts a teen experience the camera, sound, characters and mis-en-scene will be analysed. It will be discussed on how Lucas portrays teen experiences through each character 's action and how their teen experience changes through the film through the use of the camera, sound and mis-en-scene. Also, it will be discussed how each characters teen experience differs through the use of the camera, sound and mis-en-scene. In the hop scene, Curt is seen walking down an empty school hall wall walking towards a locker. The camera dollies towards the locker following Curt’s movements as he turns the dials on the lock to open the locker. As he struggles to open the locker, he begins to walk away. A teen experience of growing up can be seen as Curt is unable to unlock what is presumed to be his locker, as the code of the locker may have changed as he has now finished school and is going off to college. In addition, in a scene where John is pulled over by a police officer, where he is accused of being seen drag racing in which he denies being there. The police officer writes and hands him a ticket. The camera zooms in on John’s glove compartment in which the audience can see multiple tickets stuffed inside. Which implies that John always has a run in with the police. John teen experience is depicted as illegal and reckless, this

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