The Film Analysis Of The Movie Poahontas

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In the infamous movie Pocahontas(1995), the Disney franchise has a way of covering the truth behind the real story and person of Pocahontas by creating fictional animals, an untrue love story, and an unrealistic ending in order to gain children’s interest. The movie starts with John Smith and European settlers coming to the New World in order to gain land and resources, which includes getting rid of the Native Americans that are already occupying the Virginia land, people that they pronounce as savages. Pocahontas is dealing with her father, the chief of the tribe, trying to get her to marry an important member of the tribe in order to gain her more respect and get her a role and title in the community. Afterward, Pocahontas and John finally meet and begin a romance even though both of their groups are vigorously trying to remove the other from the land. Near the end, Pocahontas protects John from being executed, however he eventually is shot by one of his own and is on his way back to England as his only means of surviving. The movie ends with John leaving and Pocahontas and her tribe contributing food to the European Settlers as they begin their journey back to England. The first scenes of the movie I would consider the director’s interpretation of history to be unbiased and moderately accurate, it shows the European Settlers making their way to Virginia in hopes of gathering gold and other valuable resources, while discussing the possibility of encountering Indians

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