The Film Atonement By Ian Mcewan

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The 2007 film Atonement was based on Ian McEwan’s original novel which he published in 2001 with the same title. The film was directed by British director Joe Wright and stars actor/ actresses James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, and Saoirse Ronan in this romantic war drama. Filming was done in locations throughout Great Britain, which is where most of the films setup takes place. The film was was nominated for seven Academy Awards and walked away with Best Original Score. Atonement begins in the Tallis family mansion, located in England in the year 1935. Briony Tallis, the youngest Tallis, has just finished typing her play ‘The Trials of Arabella,’ which she intends to premier for her brother Leon Tallis’ arrival back home that evening. Her sister Cecilia is later seen through the window by the fountain with the cleaning lady’s son, Robbie Turner. Robbie has just caused Cecilia to break a family heirloom. Cecilia and Robbie have been childhood friends, and now they are intertwined in a complicated series of sexual advancements in their relationship. Aside from this, relatives of the Tallis family have also arrived to the home; twins Jackson and Pierrot and their older sister Lola Quincey. Paul Marshall, a wealthy chocolatier and friend of Leon, also arrives for dinner that night. He displays predatory actions towards Lola, a fifteen year old girl, the moment they meet. As family and friends prepare themselves for dinner, the film cuts to Robbie Turner and his mother in their
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