The Film Behind the Green Door

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During the month of November in the year 1973, Mr. Claude Ballew was on duty has the manager for the Paris Art Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. Unbeknownst to, Claude Ballew, on November 9, 1973 two undercover officers entered the Theater and secretly initiated an investigation into the activity at the theater. The investigating officers were members of the Fulton County Solicitor General’s office. The investigation began when the officers began viewing a film that was authorized and played at the Paris Art Theater. The film in question was “Behind the Green Door”. After viewing the film the officers went and obtained a legal warrant for seizure purposes. The officers returned to the theater and watched the film in its entirety one extra time. After the completion of the film the investigating officers decided to seize the film and subsequently arrested Claude Ballew and a cashier. After a few weeks had passed by the investigating officers picked up where they had left off and on November 26, 1973 they obtained yet another seizure warrant. With this newly obtained warrant the investigation officers went to gather more evidence. On November 27, 1973 they once again returned to the Paris Art Theater, viewed the entire film and purchase a second copy. After nearly a year, on September 14, 1974, Claude Ballew was formally charged with a two count misdemeanor accusation with “distributing obscene materials in violation of Georgia Code Section 26-2101 in that the said accused did,
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