The Film Catch Me If You Can Promotes The Idea That Rituals

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Throughout this essay, I will discuss how the film Catch me if you can promotes the idea that rituals have several meanings and hidden messages within them. I will support this statement using, Arnold van Gennep’s rights of passage theory, Maurice Bloch’s ritual and communication theory, John Beattie’s instrumental act and expressive element theory, Harvey Whithouse’s theory on the relationship between the repetition of rituals and cognitive psychological approaches as well as, Malory Nye’s theories of religion in the book: the basics. After watching the film Catch me if you can, the director made it quite prominent how our actions themselves can express more than just one meaning, “rituals are actions carried out for more than their utilitarian purpose” (Nye 2008, 133). In the beginning of the film, Frank Abagnale Sr. is in desperate need of a loan from the bank, and he needs his son Frank Abagnale Jr. to pose as his ‘driver’. Before they could go to the bank, they stopped by a local suit store that they determined was closed upon arrival. Frank began to bang on the fence, alerting the store clerk to come outside. When the clerk opens the door, she is quick to inform them that the store will remain closed for another half an hour and that they do not loan suits. Frank Sr. then reaches into his pocket and essentially pulls out a gold necklace and replies to the store clerk with, “Darcy is this yours? I just found it in the parking lot. It must have slipped right off your

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