The Film Centers On A Sexual Relationship Between Hanna Schimitz, A Boy Of 15 Years Old

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Description The film centers on a sexual relationship between Hanna Schimitz, a woman in her mid-30s, and Michael, a boy of 15 years old. The film begins in 1995 Berlin, then flashes back to another tram in 1958 on a day when young Michael is found sick and feverish in the street and taken back to Hanna 's apartment to be cared for. After he recovers, he returns to the apartment building to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Hanna at her apartment and thanks her. She is matter of fact with him but asks him to escort her to work on the tram line. However, when she catches him spying on her as she dresses, he runs away in shame. When he returns to apologize a few days later, Hanna quickly seduces Michael, and the two characters begin a relationship that last only for a summer. Michael begins regularly to visit Hanna at her apartment where they have sex. Hanna mentally dominates Michael and controls the relationship. Michael falls in love with Hanna, but the emotional attachment is not reciprocated. Upon Hanna’s request Michael begins to read aloud to her on each of his visits with the rewards of sex. He returns to her every day after school, rejecting the clear interest of girls his own age. In fact, all their days together are obsessed with sex. Hanna makes little pretense of genuinely loving Michael, who she calls "kid," and although Michael has a helpless crush on Hanna, it should not be confused with love. He is swept away by the discovery of his own sexuality. Then one day
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