The Film Dances With Wolves

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Spoken by Joseph Campbell, myths “support a certain social order and define humanity under any circumstance.” The film Dances With Wolves tells a fictional story that expresses those two mythological functions through the journey of John Dunbar beginning as a United States soldier and becoming a part of a Native American tribe, the Sioux. Through this transformation, the mythological functions help define what it means to be a true human being. A true human being is someone who has become so aware of the multitude of cultures and ideologies within the world that they have the ability to recognize the greater good within them and be selfless in the decisions surrounding that. A true human being only acts in an evil way when it is necessary…show more content…
This decision is selfless as well, he took that job willingly, saving someone else from being forced out there.
Dunbar’s progressing skill to discern the greater good can also be seen in the initial part of the movie, even before he comes in contact with the Sioux tribe. The event of this was when Dunbar arrives at Fort Sedgewick, the farthest outpost on the frontier, and he discovers that everyone who was there has either died or fled. Instead of turning back, Dunbar stays at the fort by himself. While he’s there, he prepares the food and supplies for when more soldiers arrive. The fact that Dunbar remains sane and continues to endeavor for the army while he’s in solitary at the fort shows his developing ability to perceive only the greater good. This experience shows his initial drive to be a better human being than most others, which leads to his eventual identification as a true individual because he already has that passion for being exceptional.
After a while of Dunbar living at Fort Sedgewick, he encounters a new companion. Two Socks, a gray wolf, comes and visits Dunbar every day. Two Socks keeps his distance and is no threat to Dunbar, who, instead of shooting on sight, only observes the wolf. Another person in that situation most likely would have killed the wolf right away, but Dunbar even tries to feed and befriend Two Socks, which shows how open-minded he is. These
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