The Film Dead Poets Society

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The film Dead Poets Society came out in 1989, and is a film about events taking place in a boys boarding school in the 1950’s. The film stars Robin Williams in one of his first non-comical roles. The movie’s primary focus is exploring the teacher/student relationship. In Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams character, Mr. Keating, endeavors to develop the young men’s passion for music, literature, and art. He also longs to encourage the young men to Carpe Diem, which is Latin for Seize the Day (Dead Poets Society). Mr. Keating wanted to veer away from the standard methods of teaching in private schools like Welton Academy. The school is known for strict rules and high standards of students. Mr. Keating used unorthodox techniques in order…show more content…
Furthermore, whenever the boys are in the school building, their lives are gloomy. Whereas when they venture off into nature, they tend to become more independent and more inspired about life. The troubles of the school seem to fade away once they step off the grounds of the school. According to, the young men do not have a sense of excitement until they are venturing off from Welton Academy (Shmoop University). In the movie, Knox Overstreet went off to a high school that was in town to see a girl. From the first time he meets her, he felt he loved her. The high school was very different from the academy. The lockers in the hallway were bright yellow, the cars in the parking lot were bright, all the students were wearing non-uniform clothing, etc. (Shmoop University). Dead Poets Society overall is a serious movie, but the directors and producers were able to use different colors and textures to show the seriousness of Welton Academy. Another characteristic of Dead Poets Society is suspense. Mr Keating was an unknown character at the beginning of the film. The only understanding of his personality is what he reveals throughout the film. The unknown creates suspense. Will he come into the classroom dressed as a character of literature or will he take the boys outside to a recreational field to explore life while playing soccer? Another setting of suspense is when the young men sneak out and go meet in a cave to host a secret society
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