The Film, Frida, By Salma Hayek

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In the film, Frida (Taymor, 2002), Salma Hayek portrays the role of the iconic Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, as she pursues her passion for art and navigates through her tumultuous relationship with the famous painter, Diego Rivera. Manifesting such a complex historical figure was a difficult task because of the range of age and emotion of the character, which were both needed in the actress who played her. To this effect, Salma Hayek’s personal properties and performance in this film contributed to her ability to represent a realistic version of Frida Kahlo and to support the film’s subjects of love and ability to express oneself through art; furthermore, Salma brings out the contrasting themes arising out of the difference in her performance of a teenage Frida Kahlo versus an adult Frida. As a teenager, the theme centers around an optimistic and somewhat naive view of love and art that exist in their simplest, purest forms; as an adult, the theme is the idea that love and art are shapeless and take many forms.
Salma is able to take advantage of her voice, physical likeness, and heritage, in order to accurately represent the majority of Frida Kahlo’s life story. Overall, her natural accent also adds to the character because if Frida spoke English, she would have spoken with a Spanish accent. Her physical likeness to the Frida character was also evident when a painting of Frida and Diego dissolved into a shot in which Salma and her co-star, Alfred Molina, were standing in

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