The Film God 's Not Dead

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The film God’s Not Dead is about a college philosophy teacher who makes everyone in his class claim that God is dead and one of his students ' challenges him with God is not dead. The film brings in a lot of different stories about different people, who are entwined in each other’s lives, but the main viewpoint is the challenge that the college student, Josh Wheaton, is facing. He is faced with the task to prove God’s existence in the world against a man who has the potential to ruin them academically. In the film, we are introduced to Mina, girlfriend to the professor, who is a Christian and faces the professors ridicule every day, but puts up with it to feel wanted by someone. The film also introduces Martin, a student in the philosophy class who comes from a conservative family where God does not exist, and he questions his own individual faith throughout the film and how he transitions into a Christian. One of the most powerful scenes in this film, I believe, is when Josh Wheaton is giving his final lecture on proving God’s existence. He asks Professor Radisson “Why do you hate God?”, and Radisson says “Because he took everything away from me…so yes I hate God”. Wheaton then finalizes the argument “How can you hate something, that you believe doesn’t exist?” This scene I believe is so powerful because it states that atheists or people who hate God claim to not believe or hate something that they believe doesn’t exist. This is the turning point of the whole film, when…

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