The Film Industry Is Driven To Find Simple But Effective

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The film industry is driven to find simple but effective storylines that entertain viewers and gratify their expectations for the characters. Weiss suggests that chick flicks meet all the requirements of a popular film because they confirm the traditional type casting of females into romantic roles and convince both men and women that a female is destined for marriage. This prevailing idea of traditional women designed for marriage is exemplified in Harlequin novels that are notorious for their book covers and cliched storyline: Strong, muscular man meets beautiful, submissive woman and they overcome obstacles and fall in love. Similar to the King and I (1956) and Anna and the King (1999), these novels rely on the coupling of its male and…show more content…
For example, the conclusion of Anna and the King is Prince Chulalongkorn observing Anna and the King dancing together, “ Until now, Madam Leonowens, l did not understand supposition man could be satisfied with only one woman. l was only a boy, but the image of my father holding the woman he loved for the last time has remained with me throughout the years.” The Prince’s final words and the conclusion of a film discussing important matters of war, Orientalism, Siamese culture, feminist sentiment are resolved with the dying romance between Anna and the King. Director Andy Tennant seems to convey that love is the solution to all the problems and nothing satisfies more than the true love between a man and a woman. Even if Anna and the King cannot ultimately be together as husband and wife, their relationship is immortalized by the image of them dancing to music on the terrace of the palace. Tennant thus caters to the expectations of the audience who desire a satisfying and gratifying bang for their buck.
Second, films tap into more conserved roles for women because the film industry is not subject to much scrutiny. Feminism may have gained more legal rights for women and placed women on more equal footing with men, but there is no regulation on the content and depiction of women in the media. It is still arguable whether media has a significant impact on women’s lives and their perception in the workplace.
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