The Film Industry Of Crisis By Frank O ' Hara

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Introduction A a result of my keen interest in my Media Studies Course I have chosen to look for a poem that highlights the positive and negative viewpoints on different issues surrounding the film industry. The poem I have found, “The Film Industry In Crisis” by Frank O’Hara in 1957, comments on the choice audiences must make between “Glorious Silver Screen” or to the American LEgion or the Catholic church. O’Hara also makes a brief reference to “give credit where it’s due”, which has lead me to look further into the impacts of Illegal streaming of film. I also wonder about how the viewing experience has been affected by external factors throughout history and what the impacts of developing technology have been on the film industry as a whole. How have changes to technology, including legal streaming sites, influenced the consumption of films? The way films are being made has significantly affected the way films are consumed with the introduction of full colour viewing to the increase in resolution and frame rate of film as a result of digitalisation of film in the early 2000’s. Access to entertainment has also changed with audiences shifting from traditional cinema to smaller more readily accessible methods. Through the early 1900’s cinema ticket sales in the US remained steady, around 80-90 million sales annually (CyberCollege©). After the introduction of television in 1929, ticket sales began dropping and by the time the 1950’s arrived ticket sales had dropped to

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