The Film Makers Project : Women Who Make America

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In the class psychology of women, the class viewed the film Makers Project: Women Who Make America. The film supplied background information about how women were treated prior to the Women’s Movement, as well as during the Women’s Movement, and after. As a result of the Women’s Movement there has been a vast amount of changes impacting society.
The Women’s Movement was not just about women, but society as a whole. As a result, there have been a lot of changes to society as a whole. Women and society were impacted by social roles, the media, and the right of women choice. For starters social roles were impacted. Women were now becoming professional tennis players, as well as the battle of the sexes spilled over into homes. As a result, divorce rates increased, and the structure of marriages were changing. Men now had to learn to compromise if they wanted their marriages to last, this included roles both inside and outside of the home. Some women even wrote marriage agreements. Also, men were now able to explore different roles within society.
The media also played a role in the Women’s Movement. For starters there were now shows on television about women who were unmarried with careers, one particular show was called “That Women.” Prior to the Women’s Movement you would of never seen a show revolved around a women’s career path, but instead the typical family where the man of the house goes to work, and comes home to a clean home and dinner on the table that the woman slaved…
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