The Film : Milk, An Activist And Leader Of The Gay Rights Movement

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The film that I have chosen for my critical analysis is titled Milk (2008). The film sheds light into the issue of discrimination of homosexuals in the time period of 1970s which triggers the gay rights movement in San Francisco, California. The film is a bibliography of Harvey Milk, an activist and leader of the gay rights movement. In this paper, I will discuss some of the major underlying themes that overlap with topics discussed in class, including gender identity, gender stereotype, discrimination, the close relationships of lesbians and gay men, backlash against agentic women, and gender and leadership.
One major theme that is highlighted in this film is gender identity. Many homosexuals were afraid to step out and be confident with
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“Men are more easily threatened by a gender-deviance manipulation than are women...homosexual men are not endowed with the generally higher status of their gender; on the contrary, they are vilified and victimized (Rudman & Glick, 175). The component of understanding and accepting one’s gender identity becomes a challenge when society has a pre-established norm and structure. As a result, many gay individuals had committed suicide to escape the mental torment and threat from society.
A second theme that is showcased in this film is discrimination against homosexuals. Senator John Briggs (California) and Anita Bryant (a firm Christian believer) were opposed to accepting homosexuals in society, whereas Harvey Milk and his supporters wanted to end all forms of discrimination against homosexuals. Across the nation, there was polls setup to determine if homosexuals would or would not have equal rights regardless of sexuality (i.e. jobs, housing). Anita Bryant often spoke about God in defense against her act of outcast and suppression of homosexuals. Anita Bryant often states, “It is the laws of God.” This further highlights the debate between church and society. Anita Bryant was utilizing the weapon of religion in her anti-gay campaign. Many people at the time had viewed homosexuality as a sin or illness. However, Harvey
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