The Film Of All Time

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During the summer of 2008, one of the greatest animated films of all time was released by Pixar Animation Studios. This movie, WALL·E, was an instant classic in my mind, both the first time I saw it, and to this day. The most shattering part of the film was its depiction of both our future as humans, as well as that of our planet. Earth has become a wasteland filled with discarded trash. Garbage has piled up in landfills, until the entire surface has become one endless ocean of waste. There is no water to be found, no vegetation, and no life of any kind, except for one desolate cockroach. The only other habitant is a small, box-shaped robot, the title character, programmed to clean up Earth; however, we can plainly see that this will be an impossible task. Meanwhile, the survivors of humanity are confined to a spacecraft in orbit around their former home. They are unable to walk, as their bodies have been deformed by the lack of gravity, and gained weight from their lack of activity. Now, imagine living in a world like this, where you have been displaced from where you currently reside. When you think of home, you probably picture your bed with the downy comforter, maybe your kitchen with its bountiful supply of food, or the rosebushes on your front lawn that you meticulously pruned all summer long. It’s all gone. That’s right, it has disappeared, vanished. No matter how you describe it, you will no longer be able to see it, except in your mind. But as your memories of…
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