The Film Of World War II

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The film takes place in Amsterdam in 1942, during World War II. Germany was rebuilding its economy and Hitler was in power. There was deportation of Jews and other minorities, air raids, bombings, and food rations. Some of the major themes of the film are family, faith, change, growing up, sacrifice, loss, love, and death. The Frank family learns that Margot is to be deported. Otto Frank, Anne and Margot’s father, has already made arrangements for them to go into hiding above his spice factory in an annex. In the annex the Franks are joined by the van Daans and Dr. Dussel (a dentist), a total of eight people and one cat. The families must stay silent for most of the day until the factory workers go home, which strains their relations. They…show more content…
The radio and their helpers were the only connection to the outside world which was drastic in them staying informed in what was happening. Radio was one of the major elements in World War II, because it got the civilians at home involved in the war-effort even more than they already were. Another similarity was the officers who patrolled the streets, checked people’s papers, and eventually found Anne and her family in the annex. These were not used in the movie just for dramatic heightening but to show the intensity of just walking the street as a jew. A difference between history and the film was that the actors all had British accents while Anne and her family would have had Danish accents as they lived in Amsterdam. Another difference was the clothing. All the characters had clothing that fit them well, even when they complained that it did not. Since they only had a few outfits the clothing would have been worn-out easily, but there was no tattering or patches to be seen in the film. This presented a false sense of luxury that the families did not under any circumstances have. An additional difference was the way Mr. Frank acted when there was a thief downstairs. After the noises were out of earshot Mr. Frank and Peter van Daan cautiously go down the stairs and go towards the office only to discover that the thief is still there. They zoom up the stairs in a terrified frenzy. This is unrealistic because Mr. Frank
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