The Film On Being Gay

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The film On Being Gay gave me new ways to look at and understand what it means to be gay. It was filled to the brim with thought-provoking discussion and exercises that allowed it to get its message through loud and clear. These being, the prevalence of homophobia in our culture and what causes it, learning to perceive the world as if it were predominantly filled with homosexuals, confronting the stereotypes society maintains about homosexuals, the differences between being gay or lesbian and coming from another minority group, and using Alfred Kinsey’s theory to look at sexuality as being on a continuum. From these topics and exercises, I feel that I now better understand not only the overall topic of homophobia within the context of American society, and have also learned a bit more about myself as well.
Brian McNaught brought the conversation of homosexuality to a personal level. He explained how being gay has impacted his life, and how he had to hide who he was and act like a straight man out due to his own ignorance of his sexuality and fear of being rejected for being gay. When he did finally come to terms with himself and begin to reveal himself to others, his fear that he would be rejected due to his sexuality was confirmed. This is a fear that I share about coming out, and to be honest, I am not quite sure why. I know my family would accept it without a second thought, my friends would not care, and my coworkers would not care. I do not have to fear that I will be
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