The Film Opens With A Young Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)

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The film opens with a young Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) playing with his childhood friend, Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes). In the course of a game, Bruce falls down a well where he is attacked by bats as they fly up and out of the well into the sky. Bruce is rescued by his kindly father, Thomas Wayne. Bruce begins having nightmares about bats, one night the Waynes went to a production of the opera Mefistofele, where Bruce is frightened by the portrayals of bat-like demons. After begging his dad, Bruce and the family exit into an alley where they were confronted by an armed mugger named Joe Chill, who shoots his dad and kills both Bruce parents, Thomas and Martha. Moments later, Bruce is comforted by James Gordon when Commissioner Gillian B.…show more content…
To make a long story short, it turns out the League of Shadows is drugging the water of Gotham City, and is planning on using stolen Wayne Enterprises’ technology to wage an airborne chemical warfare assault on Gotham. Ra al Ghul has already boarded a train where his objective is to send the water vaporizer on the train to a major water hub almost right under Wayne Tower, then vaporize nearly all of Gotham 's entire water supply. Bruce confronts Ra 's on the train as Batman and the battle begins where Batman defeats Ghul. But before the train crash Batman told Ra al Ghul that he wouldn 't kill the antagonist, but he didn 't have to save him, either. According to in Batman Begins we learn the story of Gotham City’s origins. Once a prominent and thriving metropolis, Gotham has slowly fallen into massive urban decay and corruption such as Psychological where Batman and other villains show their id, ego and superego, there were also white collar crimes where Rutger Hauer who plays Earle the CEO of Wayne Enterprise were involve in cooperate crime and there were also organized crime by Carmine Falcone. Such events have brought Gotham to the attention of the League of Shadows, a group focused on restoring order and balance to a world with conflict and disharmony. The League is willing to use extreme, even violent, measures to destroy the forces of disharmony in order to restore social structure. As

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