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The film Pan’s Labyrinth, has several common concepts with Joseph Campbell’s theory on heroes in Hero with a Thousand Faces. His theory emphasizes on tests that show their moral and basic instincts for the rite of passage to their threshold, in this case, the underworld. Campbell’s theory is a concept that surrounds an individual’s journey to heroism. This concept pertains to Ophelia due to her circumstances as a child who ventures out on thresholds, tests, and so forth. Campbell’s depiction relates to Ophelia as he describes the levels in which one must attain and accept as a female heroine. Furthermore, his theory exaggerates on the making of a hero to the resurrection in terms of physical and spiritual transformation. Ophelia’s…show more content…
Set aside from the task, Campbell also insinuates the making of a hero and why there are such stories to define this, “our minds divide themselves into these characters to play out the drama of our lives,” (Campbell/Jung). Each character plays a significant role to define Ophelia’s function in the film as a young woman who is challenging herself to live a life she desires; freedom and imagination. In so many ways this is an escape for Ophelia to enter into a world where there is happiness and hope set aside from the reality she lives in full of fascism and hatred among Vidal’s rule. In relation to the film, Campbell’s theory also explores the hypocrisy of states that have controlling theorist but it is the hero who must suffice a role in order to conquer the villainous theme of the story. Overall, each task and ordeal Ophelia faced with the guidance and opposing force concluded to a symbolic nature of the story. The heroic figure in the film panned in on the fascist regime (presented problem), but with the guidance of the Faun the hero emerges out of the oppressive human realm. Ophelia successfully conquers the villain (Vidal) vaguely stating she is a female, seized the villain’s powers of fascism and enlightened the world to a happy ending. Hence, she also emancipates the subjugation from the Cronus figure Vidal. One can believe that Ophelia’s death also

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