The Film Prayer For Bobby

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The film Prayer for Bobby is based on a true story about a young man named Bobby. Bobby grew up in a very strict religious family that obeyed the bible word by word. On the outside Bobby seemed to be a perfect child, but he struggled with his own inner demons. Bobby knew that he was a homosexual, but he did not know how to tell his family because he knew that he would never be accepted by them because of their religion. After his family found out about his sexuality his family, especially his mother, believed that he could be cured and return back to his faith. Sadly, in the end Bobby took his own life because he knew he would always be seen as an outcast within his family and his church. The film hit many sensitive topics, but three stood out from the rest. The three most important problems in the film were intolerance in regards to society, family, and religion, homophobia, and inequality. I believe that those were the three main factors that caused Bobby to take commit suicide. The most important topic of the three would be intolerance. There would be intolerance within society because as a male society has certain expectations that you are supposed to meet simply because of your gender. Society has formed a gender role that is behavior that is expected from a certain gender, so as a male Bobby is supposed to be a straight male who is masculine and involved in masculine activities. Many would say that Bobby being a homosexual emasculates him as a man. There would be…

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