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The Film of Nixon In an adventure though time, one of the great moments to look at is, the Nixon era in American history. He was the president of the United States of America (U.S.A). He led the U.S.A in cover ups, war, lies, and so much more. One of the best ways to see what he was like is the movie of Nixon. It accurately covers most of the events in Nixon's life as president. This will explain the movie, eight points from the movie that are unlawful and/or unconstitutional, how this movie affected me, and what I think of the movie. Now without further due, Turn off your cell phone, quite down, the movies about to begin. To start off the summary of the movie Nixon, does not apologize for Nixon, and holds him accountable for the…show more content…
“When you quit struggling, they've beaten you” (Nixon), his father says. And his mother speaking in the Quaker tradition of thees and thous, seems always to hold him to a higher standard than he can hope to reach. One theme throughout the film is Nixon's envy of Kennedy and Lincoln. He judges his entire life in terms of his nemesis. He on Kennedy's 1960 campaign: “All my life he's been sticking it to me. Now he steals from me” (Nixon). He is bitter at not being invited by Kennedy's family to Kennedy's funeral, reflecting half-enviously: “If I'd been president, they never would have killed me” (Nixon). He, alone at the end, speaking to the portrait of Kennedy: “When they look at you, they see what they want to be. When they look at me, they see what they are” (Nixon). When Nixon ponders a cover-up of the tapes, it is Haig who raises the possibility that backup copies might surface. Notice the precision of his wording: “I know for a fact that it's possible that there was another tape” (Nixon). Joan Allen as Pat Nixon, she emerges as strong-willed and clear-eyed, a truth-teller who sees through Nixon's masks and evasions. She is sick of being a politician's wife. She supplies the conscience. The first unlawful act in the movie is an over powerful branch. See, all three of the branches of government (legislative, judicial, and the executive) are

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