The Final Body Of Literature

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The final body of literature I want to give notice to is the literature pertaining to how museums are arranged by curators and other museum staff to effectively display their artifacts. I wish to dive into this literature because part of my own research will be examining how the curators of the Cleveland Museum of Art decided to arrange their ancient Greek exhibit. This pool of literature will help guide me in different ways to interpret the set-up of the exhibit, the placement of the objects and try to understand what the curator was trying to convey with their design decisions.
The first author I would like to discuss is Michael Baxendall. His article Exhibiting Intention: Some Preconditions of the Visual Display of Culturally Purposeful Objects, is centered around understanding the relationship between the visitor and the museum label as well as the intent behinds the objects and the exhibit design. Baxendall has 2 major points in his article. The first point and his own unique idea is the museum set. The museum set is “a sense of the museum as a treasure house, educational instrument, secular temple, and the rest” . The typical adult visitor with this mindset comes to museums expecting that he will view a large array of objects and learn interesting cultural facts about them. This is the observer that most curators make their exhibits to interact with and as such must be aware of their expectations.
However, the museum set seems to be just another way for Baxendall to
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