The Final Game Before The Championship

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Param Mehta English 1/2 (3) Short Story- Rough Draft The final game before the championship. We had been training for a month now and the gruesome work had finally paid off. We were more than ready to march on the field and take the championship. We won our league division and if we won the next game we play then we were headed to the national championship. Our team had never won the championship and we really wanted to win it. In the locker room before the game our coach emphatically said, “ You boys play like it is the last game of your career. Nothing should stop you and when you touch the field I want you to feel like winners. You see that trophy there, that is our trophy and when we go out on the field we hold our heads high and we fight to win. We are winners and nothing in this world can stand between us from the trophy.” We were jumping up and down trying to get our blood flowing and when the referees called us on the field. Beep. The whistle blows. Our coach pumped us up with a great motivational speech to make us play the hardest we could. We start shaky, however due to a couple of great saves by our goalkeeper we were still in the game. At half-time it was tied. We stuffed ourselves with oranges before we ran on the field for the second half. Our team started off very well due to a great speech by our coach and we gained a monstrous two-zero lead. The win looked inevitable, however, our team got way too confident and we let in two goals and before we knew it

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