The Final Group Project Required Dedication

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The final group project required dedication, in-depth analysis and creativity regarding the video clips and creating the paper. The paper will consist of video clips from Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, and House. Each clip covers material or theories relating to organizational behavior. Each clip covers a different concept and the paper will describe in detail how each concept relates to the video being mentioned. During the first clip chosen from the Big Bang Theory, it showed four friends (Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj) trying to decide on where to go for dinner and a movie. They are trying to find a location that satisfies their “needs” for dinner, concession stand food, and a reasonable start time for the movie. They begin to have difficulties mostly due to one particular member of the group and the criteria he has set. Right away there is trouble with the main characters that perfectly represents FIRO-B theory. This theory “examines differences in how people relate to one another based on their needs to express and receive feelings of inclusion, control, and affection” (citation). During the scene, one character-Sheldon-has specific criteria that needs to be met, so that he can attend the movie. Other members of the group are trying to cater to him by only considering “Sheldon-Approved” restaurants, but they are not finding common ground. FIRO-B theory says that effective groups are ones that have similar needs; the group in the Big Bang Theory is very

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