The Final Problem By Conan Doyle

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The short story I have chosen to adapt to a feature film is of the works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his most successful character Sherlock Holmes. The Final Problem by Conan Doyle was written in 1893 for the Strand Magazine for which he wrote a series of short stories for them from 1886 to 1927. The last story was published three years before his death. The title came about because Conan Doyle felt that there was a problem with the now beloved character when he wished to kill him off due to his ambivalence towards him. I am going to discuss my adaption ideas for The Final Problem and to create a film that encapsulates the essence of the crime-solving duo of Holmes and Watson. The short story is told from the point of view of Dr John Watson and his recollections leading up to and after Sherlock Holmes’s apparent death. The Conan Doyle narrative introduces a new threat in Professor James Moriarty as a means to the end of Holmes and his nemesis Moriarty, so it seemed. In essence I have kept the fall but taken what I believe to be the most dramatic and interesting plots points from the story and arrange them in a way I felt keeps the narrative strong. By changing the order for some of the events in the story, I am able to change the pace of the film that better suits the one that I aim to create. Another way that I changed the order to engage the audience is from the first scene, I brought the change of events forward where Moriarty’s men chase Sherlock through the streets

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