The Final Project : Being Black

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The Final Project: Being Black in America
Alethea F. Brock
Thomas Edison State College Abstract
The course of African American’s history has been tumultuous over the last 400 years. America has become more diverse and while black Americans are still a minority, they are no longer the largest minority. This population shift has brought its own myriad of obstacles and while a minority, African Americans have had a much different path than immigrants that came later from South and Central America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Keywords: Race realism, diversity, assimilation, multiculturalism, pluralism, separatist pluralism, ethnocentrism, racism, racial profiling, hate groups, hate crime

Being Black in America A culture’s rules of conduct are considered the norm and in the United States the accepted norm is white. “Through norms, in-group members know how to react toward the acts of outgroup members that surprise, shock, or annoy them or in any way go against the shared expectations. Anything contrary to this “normal” state is seen as negative or deviant. When minorities “act uppity” or “don’t know their place”, the majority view this as a violation and can have strong reactions because they appear to threaten the social fabric of a community” (Parillo, 2014, p. 27).
Native-born African Americans have always been assimilated more than any immigrant group to include Africans and some sociologists argue they share few experiences. Race realism is…

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