The Final Project Will Compass Research

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The final project will compass research from the two varying fields of media study: quantitative and qualitative – the quantitative, which has been analyzed for the purposes of the semester’s first research proposal. For much of the qualitative approach, I will utilize multiple feminist film theories in conjunction with sex research in order to find a theoretical lens for The To Do List as well as identify the lack of studies/work pertaining to female sexuality in media. This study will corporate the ideologies of Laura Mulvey, Kathleen Rowe Karlyn, Mary Ann Doane, and a small range of other research pertaining to feminism and its intersection with sexuality. Although The To Do List does not entirely conform to the ideologies presented by Laura Mulvey in her piece, Visual Pleasure and the Narrative Cinema, the theories argued can be utilized as a constructed lens, which is subverted by the film’s narrative. Similarly, as Mulvey states in her work: “(i)t is said that analyzing pleasure, or beauty, destroys it. That is the intention of this article” (Mulvey, 839), much in the same way is my intention for such a case study – to work at diminishing the taboo constraints placed on female sexuality. Mulvey’s definition of cinema’s scopophiliac qualities are subverted in the film and rather function to place almost a female gaze upon some of the main male characters, which is a clear deviation from common Hollywood films. Much as women are eroticized in media, writer/director
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