The Final Revision Of Healthcare

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Final Revision Healthcare is an ever-growing, booming industry and as medical technology advances so should our standards of care. Once known as hospital acquired “nosocomial” infections, Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are still afflicting the very patients we are to be treating. These patients could be our loved ones, friends, and family so to say that, “1 in 25 hospital patients have at least one HAI in a U.S. acute care hospital” (CDC, 2015), is still one too many. Elimination of HAI’s are a top priority for many healthcare related organizations and as such, the reduction of certain types of HAIs have been achieved. On the national level, the HAI Progress Report states that there has been, “Au 46 percent decrease in central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) and a 19 percent decrease in select surgical site infections (SSIs) between 2008 and 2013” as well as “an 8 percent decrease in hospital-onset MRSA bacteremia and a 10 percent decrease in hospital-onset C. difficile infections between 2011 and 2013” (CDC, 2015). These statistics are a great accomplishment in the reduction of HAI’s but the sheer number of patients still acquiring HAI’s through various sites of infection is still astronomical. The HAI prevalence survey put out by the CDC states that in the year 2011, the estimated number of patients with HAI 's from acute care hospitals was 722,000 and about 75,000 died from their HAI’s (CDC, 2015). The state of California is facing a significant
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