The Final Solution For World War II

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Hundreds of thousands of Jews had already been murdered during World War II when The Final Solution made its appearance. When Hitler and his party, the Nazis, were elected in 1932, (The History Place) Hitler’s ambitions seemed far-fetched. In 1941, two years after World War II had begun; Adolf Hitler’s plan to erase the Jewish population was already underway and fully operating right under everyone’s nose. In Germany, Austria, Poland, and Belgium, thousands of people were being killed monthly, but despite this success, Hitler was still not satisfied. For him to be completely satisfied with the results, the Jews needed to be gone permanently. For six years Hitler rampaged across Europe, forcing his plans on other countries, causing destruction wherever he went. His hatred for “impure” races, especially Jews, is what led to the designing of a master plan to annihilate them entirely. The Final Solution was Hitler’s chance to create the world he desired. The Final solution was created solely for one purpose—the mass murder of millions.
Adolf Hitler began campaigning for leadership after World War I when Germany was suffering from economic troubles. Hitler was part of the Nazis: a political group that held themselves superior over groups they deemed “inferior”, namely Jews. (Final Solution: Overview; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) With the help of the Nazi party Hitler promised to restore Germany to its full glory, guaranteeing plenty of food for all, and jobs for the…

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