The Final Solution: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

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Tragic events strike the world in many different forms; from simple shootings to ethnic genocides. Although theses acts of hatred sound widespread and diverse in the cause; it is the indifference and ruthlessness that an individual portrays. This sort of behavior accommodates society and encourages people to accept and follow its routine and principles, such as the events that took place during the Holocaust. During the time period of 1933 to 1945, Adolf Hitler, an Austrian World War I veteran, decided to partake in twisted behavior. Hitler believed that in order to do his nation justice, the nation needed an ethnic cleansing. This ethnic cleansing involved choosing to degrade and torture the lives of millions of people, using Jews as his…show more content…
St. Louis marked only the beginning of the Jews’ hardships, since shortly after these events, the Jews welcomed ghettos as their new homes, forced to know that they did not have basic rights, and received yellow stars and number codes as their new identities. The Nazis used these tactics to dehumanize and distinguished Jews from other Germans and Austrians. As if their misfortunes could not get any more horrid, Hitler implemented the Final Solution. The Final Solution, the plan in which Hitler constructed and catalyzed in an effort to erase and terminate a whole nation of Jews and others whom he deemed unfit to play a role in his society (History). Group by group, section by section, they started picking off Jews and putting them into concentration camps. Separation. A detachment in something one loves can wreak havoc on a human being. The Nazis also performed this strategy once the Jews first arrived at the concentration camps. Guards began separated the people, according to gender, health and age. Cruelty appeared all throughout the stages of the Holocaust, but it also appeared when the Nazis burned people alive in buildings like the Crematorium or watched as Jews suffocated to death in the gas chambers ("Winfrey & Wiesel - Auschwitz (Part 1)”) and performed forced labor. People revel, savour and make amends with evil doings as if practicing evilness is of a second nature. However, people also take the liking in indifference. For example, in…show more content…
Although, the Jews saw these rescues in a grateful manner, there still existed this sense of baggage, grief, and misery that they would always have in their hearts, and that would continue to haunt their memories, and light a burning fire of anger in their souls (Williams). This tragic event haunts them relentlessly and as one ruminates on these thoughts and memoirs, one can not help but ask why the world remained so silent? Why did it take so long for the Allies forces or anyone for that matter to intervene? One comes to the conclusion that it is the apathy, cruelty and lack of remorse that the world portrays. Apathy; the lack of concern or interest for a subject. The first flag thrown for the sign of an indifferent spirit came from the U.S. when they agreed upon an act to exclude themselves from any involvement in other foreign countries. Another example of indifference in the world at this point in time is the Anglo-French appeasement, which allowed for Hitler to expand his territories and boundaries and because of their unconcern and careless behavior, it allowed for a deluded man to take rule over new land and new lives and expand his mafia of atrocious men(“Appeasement”). A lack of remorse; withstanding no regrets or sympathy. In an attempt to end the misery of Jews, Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister from 1937 to
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