The Final Stage Of Management Design

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Control is the final stage of management design, making sure the specific goals and objectives of the team is met by all those who are placed within the organization to complete specific task. It is at this stage that all members must perform the work that is within the organizations scope of business. Controls can be strong and visible, such as are needed in a maximum security prison, or they can be more relaxed and invisible, such as are needed in a group of volunteers working at the local food bank. The four steps in the process of control in the Mainstream and Multistream managerial processes according to Nuebert & Dyck 2010 are “Establishing Performance Standards, Monitoring Performance, Evaluating Performance, and Responding…show more content…
This process is helpful in identifying needed changes in the input and conversion stage to maintain quality products Mainstream managers are interested in high quality products at the lowest productivity cost possible while maintaining good relations and organizational wealth (Nuebert & Dyck 2010). In the Multistream approach managers use a value-loop which helps to identify key performance standards. Multistream process standards are used not targets like the Mainstream manager. The Mulitistream manager uses the information system to help enhance, process, share, and self-monitor the dada. Rather than use a Top-down approach the Multisystem manager is going to expect that other help in these processes rather than have it trickle down hill effect and emphasizes balancing multiple forms of well-being for multiple stakeholders (Nuebert & Dyck 2010). Nuebert & Dyck in 2010 describe the Multistream approach to the four-step control process as looking at and establishing standards in the value chains rather than value loops. The goal is to incorporate all stakeholders’ goals however much of the time they are able to foresee potential delinks and the potential un-connectivity of those chains (p556). The Mainstream focus on controlling their employee from top to bottom, the Multistream organizations focus on creating a system that allows the stakeholders to
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