The Finance Options Beyond The Traditional Model And Our Business Development Plan

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At Group Capital our mission is to broaden the finance options beyond the traditional model and our business development plan focuses on building the infrastructure, systems, processes, and economies of scale to achieve success. Group Capital, a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) registered equity crowdfunding broker-dealer, will focus on service development, management information systems, and information technology requirements. By instituting lean service tactic, we can streamline our service model and create a best-in-class consumer experience. Group Capital’s business enhancement can be better understood by comprehending their conceivable expenses, developing the
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Business excellence involves developing a vision and framework that enables Group Capital to exploit the methods, tools, and processes leadership consider suitable to effect substantial improvements in their business (Hayler, & Nichols, 2006). The quality function deployment (QFD) is the scheme that applies to Group Capital and will accomplish the desired outcome.
After considering our business model, QFD is a structured approach that defines customer needs or requirements and formulates a specific plan or product to meet those needs (Stevenson, 2012). Group Capital’s goal is to develop equity crowdfunding into a conventional pattern of business funding of entrepreneur and an investment option for investors. However, the first step commences with understanding the struggles and desires of entrepreneurs and investors. A comprehensive entrepreneurial and investor ecosystem is an ultimate resource for both parties and will aid in enhancing client relationships and the customer’s online experience. In navigating the challenges and opportunities in financial services, Deloitte (2015) scrutinized the role of social media and networking. Technology is a vital component and can enhance the customer experience embracing the Kaizen and Jidoka principles. For example, a First Data Corporation study (2015) established the financial services industry should provide real-time information and services; communicate through email,
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