The Financial And Banking System Of The Standard Chartered Bank Iranian Transaction Scandal

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The Financial and Banking System of:

Standard Chartered Bank Iranian Transaction Scandal


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International Banking

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• What are ethics and their importance in global banking and business today?
In a word conquer by globalization; an individual uses ethics to manage the most important tasks and activities a company follows. Ethics are known for its principles and values that an individual uses to govern the decision of a business in order to preserve a prestige. An organization’s code for ethics, mentioned above, is more than a set of principles, there are programs, policies and decisions that can guide the company to the peak or in the worst scenario to the ground. This philosophy used by organizations, conduct business to affect the reputation, productivity and the culture of the company. Business musts truly act in a rail that goes beyond the purely profit based motivations.

Leaders have a huge influence in organizations; their position helps to manage employees’ moral and loyalty affections. Leaders determine discipline and acceptable behavior to all workers in the organization. The more ethical standards a leader has, the more employees will push through to…
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