The Financial Crisis And 2008 Is A Big International Crisis

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In every country, they always have a chance to have a financial crisis, it depends on the government and banks, which means Australia might go to have a financial crisis in the further year. Banks can reduce the likelihood of having a financial crisis in countries. Many possible ways to have a financial crisis and 2008 is a big international crisis. Australia financial system helped the government to reduce the damage from the 2008 international crisis, many countries except Australia have a serious problem and impact after the crisis. Australia financial crisis can cause by banking and houses, it can avoid one crisis, but may not evade the second, so they should find a solution to avoid the crisis come. The financial crisis, the value of…show more content…
Therefore, every bank trying to avoid this situation (Ellis, 2015). A speculative bubble is also called stock exchange, people generate income from buying stocks. Many people who guess the price of a stock and hoping to have a higher price after. When all people keep buying the same stock, the price is getting higher and higher, if they all want to sell at the same time, the price will fall. Therefore, the price of a stock is more than the current price including dividends and interest, that means the stock are having exhibited a bubble. Finally the international crisis, a speculative attack or cannot pay the country debts, they will force to devalue its currency and either, these countries will affect other countries with their trading, therefore, create financial crises in their country and might affect the whole world. (Sociable, 2014) In 2007 to 2008, there a huge international crisis and its affect so many countries at one time. In 2008, there is an international crisis started in USA. It affects almost the whole world. The American enterprise institute, Peter Wallison had found in a research that said in United States government, they still believe in the idea of the 2008 financial crisis was caused by insufficient regulation of the private sector (Opinion Journal: What Caused the Financial Crisis?, 2015). There are some countries in Europe have not been in crisis because they were not have held by the United
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