The Financial Crisis And The Uk

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This essay will talk about how the financial crisis influenced enterprises in the UK and in China. It’s obvious that the financial crisis originated in the United States and it had three major features: high destructive effect, long continuance and wide spreading. Many enterprises are impacted by the financial crisis in terms of imports and exports, unemployment and enterprise competition. In China, small and medium-sized enterprises are very necessary because China is a large population of developing countries, and it is better able to promote the development of national economy. Therefore, China should help small and medium-sized enterprises solve problems. For the UK, the financial services industry is a major industry, if the financial sector can’t operate properly, the British economy will become a failure. Due to the impact of the crisis, Britain also suffered a severe credit crunch. The house market in the UK is quite low. Moreover, under the financial crisis, lots of people can’t acquire a job because many enterprises close down. The number of unemployment increase dramatically, therefore the influence of the financial crisis is very serious. It has a severe shock in export in China. The number of exported orders decreased sharply. Between January to August in 2009, China’s foreign trade export 730.74 billion which down 22% year on year. At the same time,general trade import prices fell by 22%, imports increased by 4%, processing prices fell by 6.1% and imports
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