The Financial Crisis Of 2007-09

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Introduction The financial crisis that happened during 2007-09 was considered the worst financial crisis in the world since the great depression in the 1930s. It leads to a series of banking failures and also prolonged recession, which have affected millions of Americans and paralyzed the whole financial system. Although it was happened a long time ago, the side effects are still having implications for the economy now. This has become an enormously common topic among economists, hence it plays an extremely important role in the economy. There are many questions that were asked about the financial crisis, one of the most common question that dragged attention was ’’How did the government (Federal Reserve) contributed to the financial crisis?’’ In this essay, I will briefly explain what happened during the financial crisis of 2007-09, and also discuss the contribution of the government to the financial crisis. What leads to the financial crisis? The financial crisis did not happen in a day or two, it was triggered by a variety of events that years ago. In year 1998, The Glass-Steagall legislation was repealed, it is a legislation that separated investments and commercial banking activities in the financial sector. This act then allowed banks in the US to act in both the commercial and investment fields, which allowed them to participate in highly risky business. This is somehow responsible for the mortgage-backed derivatives, which is a main cause of the
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