The Financial Crisis Of 2008

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The financial crisis that began in 2007 right through to the summer of 2008 was perceived as global crisis that affected various countries including the United Kingdom. It was predominately caused by failure to regulate financial institutions and systems appropriately. (Davies, 2008) The world was shocked and surprised particularly politicians and policymakers. Initially their response was to conduct a crisis management as a solution but later discovered that the crisis was one of the worst in history. As a result reforms on financial regulations had to take place not only nationally but within Europe and on an international level. Gordon (2010) argues that financial crises are nothing new, however they have become more complex over the years and therefore politicians and policy makers face major challenges in implementing the right form of regulation to comply with the complexity of the financial sector. In the UK, at one point in history command and control (CAC) was perceived as the suitable approach to regulate the financial industry; however self-regulation was later introduced as the effective form of regulation based on the neoliberalism concept. After the financial crisis self-regulation was being criticised therefore leaving policy makers, politicians and economists to decide what form of regulation would be appropriate to effectively regulate financial institutions that would avoid and prevent further financial failures. Therefore the purpose of this essay is
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