The Financial Data Of Telus Corporation

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Introduction Telus Corporation (Telus) is a national organization that provides telecommunications (telecoms) products and services throughout Canada. Telecoms refers to the utilization of electronic platforms to transmit information from one place to another. With the ongoing shift towards telecoms in Canada, the use of products and services via both wired and wireless telecoms carriers is increasing. Moreover, the necessity for organizations to transfer information, and for individuals to stay connected with one another reinforces the need for telecoms.

Purposes of Report
This report aims to:
1) Analyze the financial data of Telus Corporation to obtain key ratios and statistics for an investment recommendation.
2) Compare financials of Telus Corporation with industry averages and information from a major competitor.
3) Provide a recommendation on whether or not to invest in Telus Corporation while providing a supportive rationale. Sources and Methods The report draws exclusively from secondary data, including literature, industry surveys, Scholarly journals, research reports, published statistics and business websites. Research was conducted mainly through the use of online research databases such as Business Source Complete from the Simon Fraser University website, Mint Global, and Google Scholar.

Strategies behind Telus ' Financial Position

Net Income
For the past decade Telus has been an extremely profitable company. Telus has consistently finished each…

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