The Financial Data Of Telus Corporation

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Introduction Telus Corporation (Telus) is a national organization that provides telecommunications (telecoms) products and services throughout Canada. Telecoms refers to the utilization of electronic platforms to transmit information from one place to another. With the ongoing shift towards telecoms in Canada, the use of products and services via both wired and wireless telecoms carriers is increasing. Moreover, the necessity for organizations to transfer information, and for individuals to stay connected with one another reinforces the need for telecoms. Purposes of Report This report aims to: 1) Analyze the financial data of Telus Corporation to obtain key ratios and statistics for an investment recommendation. 2) Compare financials…show more content…
This is the lowest it has been in the last five years (Refer to appendix table 3). However in 2013, Telus dramatically increased the number of shares outstanding which resulted in a lower EPS. Although EPS is a common indicator for a company’s profitability, another factor that can be utilized is cash flow. Cash Flow Telus possesses a strong cash flow. For the last five years, Telus has been increasing its cash with the exception of 2014 (Refer to table 2). In 2015 Telus’ cash increased by 163 million (USD), with the end cash position being 223 million (TMX Money, 2015). A healthy cash flow is extremely important for any company that wants to meet its short-term debts. As long as a company has a positive net cash flow, it will be able to pay its debts and continue operating. Therefore, due to its positive cash flow, Telus will be able to invest in growth opportunities and secure debt with ease if needed. The customer turnover rate for Telus is quite low. This is because it has managed to increase its subscribers in TV, wireless and internet (Donnelly, 2016). Consequently, Telus is expected to grow because of these factors. Furthermore, the aspect of high dividends makes Telus an attractive investment. On December 11, 2015 Telus’ quarterly dividend was $0.44/share (Telus Investor Information, 2015), which provides a safe, stable cash flow. Analysis of the Financial Position of Telus

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