The Financial Health Of Universal Health Services

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Introduction – Financial Statement Analysis This paper will provide an analysis of the financial health of Universal Health Services (UHS). First, this paper will suggest a key insight about the financial health of Universal Health Services, as well as my reaction to its financial statements. Next, it will identify the current industry trend that has the most significant impact on Universal Health Services’ financial performance. Furthermore, this paper will indicate the trend’s impact on the financial performance of the organization. As the Chief Financial Officer, I will suggest at least one way that we might minimize the impact of the trend on the organization. Also, it will suggest one key strategy that we might use to improve the…show more content…
1). Clearly, we have a broad mission with ever growing capacity to provide healthcare to our patients. A key insight about the financial health of UHS is that we are performing extremely well. According to our latest financial statement, we are ever improving our numbers. Our net revenues continually increased from $4,900,147 in 2010, to $8,065,326 in 2014. Furthermore, our total assets grew during this same timeframe from $7,527,936 to $8,974,443, resulting in an impressive reduction of our percentage of total debt to total capitalization from 66% to 51% (UHS Annual Report, 2014, p. 41). Given our investment in several new facilities in 2014, we continue to see this sustained growth in light of those investments as impressive and an indicator of a truly a healthy organization. Reaction to Financial Statements I speculate that our employees, investors, and shareholders will be very pleased with our financial health as reflected in the latest financial statement discussed above, and react in positive ways. The employees benefit by the increase in revenue in the form of bonus and raises, of course based on their performance. The investors will react equally positively since we have expanded our investment portfolio by acquiring and opening new hospitals. Similarly, our shareholders will see the return on
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