The Financial Industry : An Important Aspect Of A Successful Retirement

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First Investors The financial industry is an important aspect in every individual’s life. If individuals want a successful retirement, planning accordingly is an important aspect to accomplish this goal. I have been in the financial industry for total of four years. As each year passes by, I have realized the importance of planning accordingly with your finances. I have helped individuals plan their retirement on a daily bases with my current employment, and it has given me a passion to help individuals with their finances. The financial industry is important matter around the world, and I would like to partake in helping individuals planned their retirement successfully. The main reason I decided to join the financial industry is because of the lack of knowledge in the African America community for financial literacy. Understanding the importance of financial literacy and sharing this information to individuals can helps many people avoid the pains of a bad retirement. For example, my grandparents are currently retired and living with one retirement check and social security. My grandparents have been retired for ten years, and have struggled to manage their mortgage and bills in retirement. The knowledge and understanding I have for retirement would have my grandparents experience a successful retirement. However, my grandparents were already retired before I understood the importance of financial literacy. My goal is to assure individuals don’t face the same issues my

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