The Financial Management Of The Nonprofit

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Introduction The financial management of any organization whether it be for-profit or nonprofit it is very important to having a successful outcome. Securing great financial management may be a little bit more important for the nonprofit sector because without proper funding the nonprofit cannot carry out the mission. The financial management of the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity will be analyzed thoroughly and recommendations will be made to help the organization remain financially successful. Habitat for Humanity Background The habitat for humanity is a nonprofit that is well known around the entire world. Habitat is a Christian based nonprofit organization that helps to build homes for poverty stricken families (Krug, 2009). The couple Linda and Millard Fuller were millionaires before the age of 30 that had a crises in marriage and health and because of these situations the couple decided to evaluate their lives (Krug, 2009). The couple sold everything they owned and moved to Americus, Georgia. While living in the community known as Koinonia Farms they became involved in how low-income housing worked and decided to take their findings to Africa in 1973 (Krug, 2009). The couples housing program was so great that they decided to apply this plan of helping build homes for low-income families around the world. After all of the trial and errors the Habitat for Humanity was started in 1976. The vision for the Habitat for Humanity is very simple and it is to create a
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