The Financial Manager

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The financial manager has a critical role in the organization. This position must be able to adapt to unique and often stressful situations. They must have good leadership skills and build confidence within the organization that the decisions made are correct. They often have to wear multiple hats at a time and provide structure to chaotic situations. This position should display leadership, empathy, emotional intelligence and have a solid understanding of accounting. Their accounting background should enable them to distinguish and understand all types of financial reports and statements and they should have short and long term projections for the company. In addition, within the health care industry they must be able to understand coding, billing and payer structure to ensure the revenue cycle has viability. They will review, understand and set FTE’s, manage personnel and establish, implement and evaluate financial strategies. In addition, these individuals must be able stewards of the organization. They have to be ethical, set policy/procedures and clear a path for efficient and effective operations. They evaluate information, make decisions implement the decision, evaluate the results, adjust and implement the new course of action (Cleverley, Cleverley & Song, 2010, p 4). Also, they maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations. The financial manager has a wide range of responsibilities to ensure the organization is viable. The primary
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