The Financial Performance Between Next And Debenhams

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1Question 1 1.1Introduction This assignment will analyse and compare the financial performance between NEXT and DEBENHAMS by examining their latest Annual Reports. In order to conclude and comment on these two businesses, appropriate ratios will be calculated through the figures in their business financial statements and the information regarding their industry and market conditions in Annual Reports will also be analysed. NEXT is a British brand, the main products of which include clothing, shoes, accessories and homewares. NEXT distributes its products through various channels. NEXT has more than 500 retail stores in its main market of Britain and Ireland meanwhile it also runs another 200 franchised stores in more than 40 countries overseas. In addition, NEXT operates online shopping website and home shopping catalogue with over 4 million active customers. DEBENHAMS is a famous department store in the UK, primarily providing clothing, accessories, beauty and furniture. DEBENHAMS performs as a leader in UK market in clothing and premium health and beauty. Moreover, it also owns an online shop and operates stores across 27 countries overseas. 1.2Critical Evaluation of Performance as detailed in most recent Annual Reports According to the latest available Annual Reports, NEXT and DEBENHAMS experienced totally differently. For NEXT, it was a good year especially in the first half of 2015 the sales were so strong that upped by 11%. However, for DEBENHAMS, it encountered

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