The Financial State Of Blake Memorial Hospital

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Reid has a lot to consider in order to change the financial state of Blake Memorial Hospital. For instance, its location, the population it serves, inefficiencies in day to day running of the clinics and competition with St. Barnabas Hospital are all points that lead to the hospital’s financial meltdown. As such, these hurdles coincide with Reid’s intention to simultaneously create services that the community needs, generate more income than what it provides, and create a tunnel service that would tap into resources to allocate more funds for the clinic. Also, the conditions of the clinics were inexcusable from Reid’s perception and do not reflect a vision of high quality. The projected images of the clinic ultimately depict a low standard of care of the hospital (Kovner, 1991). Despite these weaknesses, the hospital has some opportunities. These include mobilizing hospital services, utilizing the in-patient referral system and expanding the current hospital services in the Marksville. Similarly, it can form an alliance with the commissioner and the community to expand into the neighboring areas around Marksville. Although there are inefficiencies and financial downturns from the clinics, it may have an opportunity to overturn these clinics by introducing mobile hospital services. By forming a preventive health care center that is designed to meet the needs of the residents of Marksville, it will establish trust between the community and the hospital. This will enable it to

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