The Financial Statements Of Jakks Pacific, Inc.

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Part I: The Purpose of the Report and the Research Experience The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the financial statements of Jakks Pacific, Inc. during the past five years to assess the future profitability of the company. The long-term success of Jakks is essential to enhancing the lives of people worldwide through employment opportunities, the innovation of top quality products for consumers and shareholders so they can continue to benefit financially. Economic progression and heavy competition are a major factor surrounding their success or demise. The company has some highs and lows, nonetheless are not quite ready to throw in the towel. I received support from Professor Eckhart, who gave me positive criticism necessary to complete the assignment. The search engines I used to conduct my research were Google, Google Scholar, Yahoo Finance and Bing. I found only three out of the four to be extremely helpful in providing links to company news, interviews and etc. The least helpful was Google Scholar which is a surprise. It only provided me with patent information and case law information. Google, Yahoo Finance and Bing, search engines permitted me to accumulate and sort through proficient data which aided me in writing this paper. I used the information gathered to highlight the past and present financial ups and downs of a toy company fighting to maintain its lead in this competitive industry. The company’s direct website was also extremely helpful given that they

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