The Financial Struggles Of The Future

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Everyday we are faced with the financial struggles of the future. As college students we are worried about pay rent, bills, and wondering how many times we can defer our student loans because our bank accounts are on E. Then here are words like savings, retirement, and 401 k plans and it is a completely foreign language to us. In our heads, how is it even plausible to think about saving money, when all we see in our current life is money just being taken from us. We spend so much on going through college trying to get somewhere in life because we were always told you need a degree to make money. So here we are 4 years later, diploma in hand, and started the career, but have 50,000 dollars in student loans and trying to plan for when we…show more content…
In my head student loans were not an options because I did not want to owe a bank just because I wanted to further my education. Thats when I decided that I would start out at a local college and would transfer. After fighting with the university I wanted to go to and working in a nursing home, I changed my major and ended up staying at the local college. Which made my tuition a whole lot less. Although my tuition is now taken care of I still have to worry about rent, and bills. My part time job barely covers everything, and if I were ever to get shorted on hours I would be tapping in to the weak saving I have. So here I am living pay check to pay check and not only trying to plan and gauge my future for the next 5, 10, 20 years but the big retirement. In my head I know how important it is because I have watched my grandparents suffer over the years. My grandfather is 73 and works 6 days a week so him and my grandmother can back pay everything they missed when she lost her job. I know I don’t want to be that old, and working that much. I will want to be taking care of grandkids and traveling everywhere I haven’t already seen. With every good retirement plan there needs to be an end goal. My end goal is to live comfortably; I do not need a fancy house or expensive things. I wanting to have a car and house completely paid off, with no plan on moving into a retirement
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