The Findings After Testing Quantized Inertia On The Emdrive

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The purpose of this article was to report the findings after testing quantized inertia on the EmDrive. The authors predicted that the thrust produced by the EmDrive can be explained assuming that the inertial mass of the photons is caused by unruh radiation. Multiple experiments took place in several independent labs, and produced results that were similar to the predicted values for thrust. The computations of the results did not sufficiently model wave oscillations in 3D, thus the authors recommend further testing in order to produce more accurate findings.

The text is formatted as a journal article and has been peer reviewed. It was published on August 31, 2015, in Europhyiscs Letters, a journal founded in 1986 by the European Physical Society. The article references multiple sources that are also academically reliable.

This source will be used to introduce one of the current theories attempting to explain how the EmDrive produces thrust. The article also addresses the lack of scientific explanation which will help to prove my own credibility in the report as I address a multitude of theories. Because the article was published recently I will likely introduce this source last.

• “Standard physics has no explanation for this and an error has not yet been found… There is no explanation for this behavior in standard physics because it violates the conservation of momentum, and Shawyer 's own attempt to explain it using special relativity is not convincing, as this…
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