The Fine Arts are Essential for the Attainment of Human Excellence

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The Fine Arts are Essential for the Attainment of Human Excellence Fine art exists since the beginning of time. Its creation does not begin with that of mankind, for, verily, nature is the origin of all art; the ultimate of all artists. Humans, however, are not blind to it at birth. Since the bestowal of vision, both physical and that of the mind, man is expressing the desire to make corporeal that which it beholds. Evidence of this is found in ancient cave paintings, an attempt to immortalize a moment from the past, depicting one from another life. Undoubtedly there have also been drawings in the sand made by the tough-skinned fingers of the primordial ancestor. This urge to reincarnate the sights beheld by memory remains in…show more content…
Likewise, the art must be kept simple in the way of its creative process. This is not to mean that the end result may not be complex and detailed, but rather, that often times in excessive planning, deliberation, and in application of rigid sets of rules upon the creation, the purity and profundity of the art is lost in “bearing witness to its own validity.” The goal, thus, is to have the experience of satori each time the act of painting or sculpting occurs, and letting it do the art. Te Taoist tradition also supports this as, from the Tao Te Ching, “a good artist lets his intuition / lead him wherever it wants,” (Lao Tzu 27). Now, it is still important to know the various techniques associated with the art form in particular. For only if a craft knowledge is attained can the simplicity of the product be, in all actuality, of great intricacy. This can be more easily understood in Lao Tzu’s words, as “the master knows the utensils, / yet keeps to the block: / thus she can use all things,” (28). Correspondingly, “true art seems unsophisticated,” (41), and “true art seems artless,” (45). So if art indeed does attain these attributes—becomes simple, and therefore infinitely elaborate, and is not performed for any reason as may be materially profitable but only for its own sake—then it is, verily, in a pure for and can be the focal

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